Terms & Conditions

New Zealand Cruise Association’s mandate is to sustainably grow New Zealand’s cruise sector and lead the cruise industry ensuring it remains a cohesive, sustainable and viable sector within the New Zealand Tourism Economy.

Business models that are incompatible or in competition with cruise lines’ operations in New Zealand will not qualify for membership. This includes association with other organisations that may cause conflict within this partnership; concerns on financial stability; and negative behaviour from within the industry and membership.

Completion of the ‘Membership Form’ requires intending members to agree to the terms and conditions associated with these arrangements which are set out below.

Submission of the application is acknowledgment that the terms and conditions have been read and agreed by the applicant. New Zealand Cruise Association reserves the right to decline any membership application.

For the purposes of the terms and conditions document, any company completing an application is referred to in the terms and conditions document as “the Member”.

Code of Conduct

New Zealand Cruise Association undertakes to conduct business in a professional and respectful manner. Equally, New Zealand Cruise Association expects its members to do likewise.

  • The Member and any agents or contractors acting for the Member must be fully compliant with all applicable licences, permits, approvals, New Zealand laws and regulations in relation to operation of the business
  • Under no circumstances shall an operator tout for business on wharves, prohibited or disputed grounds. Any breach of this requirement gives New Zealand Cruise Association the right to terminate the membership application by written notice with immediate effect. Membership fees will not be refunded
  • The Member shall notify New Zealand Cruise Association immediately where there is a change in their business make-up or circumstances that may adversely affect their membership. Instances to consider are mergers, affiliations or a buy-out from any organisation that has a business model which is incompatible or in conflict with New Zealand Cruise Association’s mandate.

Should New Zealand Cruise Association have reasonable cause to believe that a member has failed to meet these standards then:

  • New Zealand Cruise Association shall have the right to suspend the Member’s membership and may conduct an investigation as to whether the Member has met the required standards; and
  • If New Zealand Cruise Association, after conducting such investigation, determines that the Member has been in breach of the required standards, New Zealand Cruise Association will have the right to terminate the Membership application by written notice with immediate effect. Membership fees will not be refunded
  • In determining whether an operator has met the required standards, New Zealand Cruise Association may (but without limitation) have regard to any actions by the Member interfering with New Zealand Cruise Association’s rights and obligations under this agreement, abusing New Zealand Cruise Association’s employee(s) or failing to act in good faith or reasonably in any conflict resolution process.


Notwithstanding and without prejudice to any rights of termination given to New Zealand Cruise Association elsewhere in this agreement, in the event of the Member going into liquidation or receivership or committing any breach of its covenants and obligations contained in this agreement and failing to remedy such breach within 14 days of written notice of the breach being given by New Zealand Cruise Association to the Member, New Zealand Cruise Association will have the right to terminate this agreement by written notice with immediate effect. Membership fees will not be refunded.


  • Changes in ownership or contact details including email addresses is to be advised in writing or by email to New Zealand Cruise Association: Membership Executive: info@cruisenewzealand.org.nz
  • Should the Member terminate membership prior to the agreed period of service, no refund will be issued
  • Termination of fees are not refundable or transferable to a future date but can be transferred to a new owner if the business changes ownership within the membership period
  • The Member agrees to pay all costs associated with debt collecting applicable to non-payment of any New Zealand Cruise Association invoicing
  • In the event that an operator is found to be in breach of any NZ laws or regulations, or fails in the opinion of the elected Board of New Zealand Cruise Association to supply the service to an acceptable standard, New Zealand Cruise Association reserves the right to terminate the membership application by written notice with immediate effect
  • New Zealand Cruise Association is authorised by the Member to promote the business via database marketing – proactively providing your contact details to third parties (for example, Tourism New Zealand, cruise lines, etc)
  • In accepting New Zealand Cruise Association’s terms and conditions, the Member gives consent to receive regular electronic communications.

For more information, please contact the Membership Executive: info@cruisenewzealand.org.nz


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