Ship statistics

Cruise Line: Cunard Line

Entered service: Dec 2007

Lifestyle: Premium

Onboard Currency: US Dollars

Passengers (lower berths): 2,014

Crew: 1,001

Tonnage: 90,049

Length: 294.0 metres

Beam: 32.2 metres

Draft: 7.80 metres

Queen Victoria

MS Queen Victoria is named after Queen Victoria and is the running mate to Queen Mary 2, and Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Victoria has the same basic design as other Vista-class passenger vessels, although she is slightly longer and more in keeping with Cunard’s interior style. As the smallest of all three Cunard ships, Queen Victoria is also different from other Cunard ships in that she does not carry mail and hence does not have the Royal Mail Ship (RMS) status.

Also unlike many previous Cunard Queens, Queen Victoria is not a true ocean liner as she does not have the heavy plating throughout the hull nor the propulsion system of a dedicated transatlantic liner. However the bow was constructed with heavier plating to cope with the Transatlantic run, and the ship has a high freeboard.

It may be of interest to note that at the end of October 2011 Queen Victoria and her fleet mates changed their registries to Hamilton, Bermuda so that they are able to host weddings onboard. The word “Southampton” across the stern was also replaced by Hamilton.

Queen Victoria will call along the coast of New Zealand in March 2015, and will carry a majority of British passengers onboard a round the world itinerary.

The Cunard Line allows liquor brought onboard at embarkation to be consumed in staterooms only, and those purchased in port or onboard the ship’s duty free shop will be retained until the last day of the cruise. Wine and champagne, however, are allowed to be brought onboard the ship and consumed in the dining rooms with a corkage charge of USD15.

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