• Credit: Carnival Australia, 2013
  • Credit: Carnival Australia, 2013

Ship statistics

Cruise Line: Cunard Line

Entered service: January 2004

Lifestyle: Luxury/Premium/Standard

Onboard currency: US Dollar

Passengers (lower berths): 2,620

Crew: 1,254

Tonnage: 148,528

Length: 345.03 metres

Beam: 41 metres

Draft: 9.95 metres

Queen Mary 2

On Thursday January 08, 2004, her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, christened the Queen Mary 2, “I name this ship Queen Mary 2. May God bless her and all who sail in her,” then with the push of a button a hefty “Jeroboam of Veuve Cliquot” bottle of champagne smashed against the starboard side of the bow.

At the time the Queen Mary 2 was the largest, longest, tallest, widest, and most expensive passenger ship ever to be built. On her 14-day maiden cruise on Monday January 12, 2004. Cunard’s then chief executive, Pamela Conover said, “Queen Mary 2 is the first transatlantic liner to be built in over 30 years and she is really a transatlantic liner built for the 21st century.”

With the Queen Mary 2 sailing under the Red Ensign, the flag of the British merchant fleet, the British government said she is a symbol of the revival of the nation’s once-mighty seafaring tradition. Cunard Line is American-owned and British-operated. Queen Mary 2 will visit New Zealand on a round-the-world voyage.

Queen Mary 2‘s passengers are usually British, experienced cruisers, and the occasional person who just doesn’t like to fly.

The Cunard Line allows liquor brought onboard at embarkation to be consumed in staterooms only, and those purchased in port or onboard the ship’s duty free shop will be retained until the last day of the cruise. Wine and champagne, however, are allowed to be brought onboard the ship and consumed in the dining rooms with a corkage charge of USD15.

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Upcoming visits

Port Date Time
Fiordland 27-Feb-2018 0900 - 1900
Port Chalmers 28-Feb-2018 0800 - 1900
Akaroa 01-Mar-2018 0800 - 1800
Wellington 02-Mar-2018 0800 - 1800
Tauranga 04-Mar-2018 0800 - 1900

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Queen Mary 2 Webcam