Ship statistics

Cruise Line: Noble Caledonia

Entered service: 1991/May 2012

Lifestyle: Standard

Onboard Currency: British Pounds

Passengers (lower berths): 114

Crew: 74

Tonnage: 4,280

Length: 90.6 metres

Beam: 15.3 metres

Caledonian Sky

MS Caledonian Sky joined Noble Caledonia in May 2012 after a refurbishment in Sweden.

Coincidentally, she was built in the same yard and at the same time as Noble Caledonia’s other ship, Island Sky. Together, these ships are said to be two of the finest small ships in the world operating in the niche luxury cruise market whose ticket price includes wine at lunch and dinner, a high-brow guest speaker programme and in-depth excursions.

Caledonian Sky was originally built for Renaissance Cruises as Renaissance VI in 1991, and then sailed as Hebridean Spirit when it was acquired by Hebridean Island Cruises  in November 2000.  In 2009, the company was forced to sell the ship to a Middle Eastern buyer who had plans to convert the ship into a private yacht. Somehow, she went back on the market and stayed there for quite some time and only returned as a cruise vessel for Noble Caledonia.

As with most cruise ship purchases, the details of the contract are fairly complicated. A sister company of Noble Caledonia is the actual owner of the ship, and Noble Caledonia will operate the ship as Caledonian Sky for a minimum of five years.

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