New Zealand Cruise Association is an industry association and unable to assist with finding you a cruise or getting you a job onboard ships. Please contact a travel agent or the cruise lines directly in these instances. If you are after statistics, please refer to our ‘Data’ page.


Q) I have a new tour product/idea I think will work for the cruise industry. How do I get started?

A) You should contact your local RTO (Regional Tourism Organisation) if you have a new product idea and want to ascertain if it is suitable for the cruise market.

All tours sold onboard ships are vetted by New Zealand ground handlers.

Your RTO should have good relationships with ground handlers and should be able to guide you to a relevant ground handler(s).

New Zealand Cruise Association supports the following ground handlers.

Q) How do I find a suitable cruise around New Zealand?

A) New Zealand Cruise Association is an industry association. We do not have access to the database(s) that travel agents have to find you a cruise. We recommend you approach your preferred travel agent who will be able to find you a suitable cruise.

Alternatively, look at the list of cruise lines that visit New Zealand and find your cruise directly with your preferred cruise line.

Q) How do I find a job or get my product sold onboard a cruise ship?

A) Unfortunately we are unable to help you. You may wish to contact a cruise line directly. Good luck.

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