About New Zealand Cruise Association

New Zealand Cruise Association is the industry association of New Zealand’s cruise sector.

With more than 80 members representing key stakeholders such as ports, Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs), local government authorities (e.g. Territorial Local Authorities), ground handlers, shipping agents, airlines, tour operators, provedores, service operators (e.g. taxi companies) and Tourism New Zealand – New Zealand Cruise Association is the leading voice for New Zealand’s cruise sector.

New Zealand’s cruise sector has doubled over the last five years, bringing in excess of 200,000 passengers in the 2013/2014 season. This is comparable to New Zealand’s second largest inbound holiday market behind Australia (Tourism NZ Market Snapshots, July 2014). With recent deployment decisions and the double-digit growth by Australia as a source market, this positive trend looks set to continue.

At New Zealand Cruise Association, we pride ourselves on being a proactive cruise community. We are dedicated to marketing New Zealand as a cruise destination and providing the leadership and facilitation to the New Zealand tourism industry and wider community to ensure a sustainable and prosperous growth of New Zealand’s cruise sector.

Tourism Industry Association’s (TIA) growth framework for New Zealand, Tourism 2025, also recognised the importance of the cruise industry. The cruise objectives identified form a key priority for Cruise New Zealand.

A New Zealand Cruise Association membership will allow businesses who are interested in the cruise sector to support the industry whilst attaining

  • Insights into global trends, how they will impact New Zealand and key New Zealand cruise research and statistics
  • Opportunities to maximise cruise growth through increased engagement with stakeholders and understanding of this unique sector
  • Advocacy at a regional and national level in support of cruise-friendly legislation to maintain New Zealand’s “cruise-friendly” reputation
  • Support of cruise initiatives that will prosper New Zealand as a country.

Together, we can grow New Zealand’s cruise sector.

Our achievements to date:

  • Grew the cruise sector by well over ten times since our inception in 1996 to become the 2nd largest holiday market into New Zealand, behind Australia (Tourism NZ Market Snapshots, July 2014).
  • Lobbied successfully for a cruise dedicated terminal (Shed 10) on Auckland’s Queens Wharf.
  • Advocated successfully for a reduction in the Maritime Safety Charge which was previously three times above what was required.
  • Successfully lobbied various local and regional authorities against implementing levies on cruise ships or cruise passengers.
  • Successfully lobbied Ministry of Primary Industries for a reasonable biofouling inspection regime for cruise ships.
  • Worked with emerging regions to produce 16 cruise regions within New Zealand’s portfolio today.
  • Worked with various stakeholders to produce New Zealand’s consistent above 8.5 out of 10 rating for passenger satisfaction.
  • Elevated the importance of the cruise sector to become recognised in Tourism 2025, Tourism Industry Association’s growth framework for New Zealand.

Our current priorities:

  • Insights
    Increase the wider industry’s understanding of the economic impact of the cruise industry by undertaking various research work, and working alongside government agencies to ensure cruise transit arrivals are also recognised within the official visitor count.
  • Auckland as an ‘exchange hub’
    Activation of the cruise objectives within Tourism 2025 with priority on developing Auckland’s potential as a turnaround port.
  • Infrastructure
    Engagement with key stakeholders on the requirements of the growing industry with a trend towards larger ships and more ships.
  • New Zealand as an appealing destination
    Lobby government on policies and regulatory issues that are currently not aligned with international standards, and which have a high propensity to limit cruise growth.
    Advocate, on behalf of cruise lines, against costs increases by stakeholders especially where there are no apparent increase in value-add or services rendered.
    Work with all cruise regions to ensure smooth service delivery on cruise days via cruise regional roadshows prior to the season starting.

What you can do?

Ensure the New Zealand Cruise Association is able to continue to be an advocate for the sustainability and growth of New Zealand’s cruise industry by joining as a Full or Associate member.

Kevin O’Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer


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